Youtube Alternatives

Here we are discussing most popular similar site to Youtube to watch and share video content over the internet to get genuine reaction toward your video content.

So lets go and discuss best alternatives to youtube, where you can share your video content to get more geninune views and reaction

What is Youtube?

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YouTube is the largest video search engine by three former paypal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, launched in 2005. Due to the getting huge popularity in a very short time Google decide to purchase Youtube and finally in 2006 Google bought it in exchange of US$ 1.65 billion.

For finding any viral clip, tv shows, movies trailer, video tutorials or others is the work of just a few second with

YouTube. It also allows user to upload and edit their videos for free. According to the recent data, every minute more than 400 hours of video content uploaded by the users and every day 1 billion hours of content is watched on YouTube.

Youtube is not just only about watching and uploading videos. It also provides a great career and can give fame as a YouTuber. Earning with Youtube is not complicated, it is very easy if you have some original content to publish for the Youtube’s users.

You just have to monetize your uploaded video after creating a free YouTube channel.


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According to the majority, YouTube is the only Video publishing platform on the internet to watch videos but it is not the truth. Yes, it is ok that Youtube is the world leading search engine for videos but there are many other websites like Youtube too and Vimeo is one of them.

Vimeo is the fastest growing video sharing website to watch and upload videos for free to get genuine public reaction to your work. And it is also the of the best youtube alternatives in 2017. In 2004 a group of filmmaker wants to publish & share their creative works, special moments and memories which lead Zach Klein, Jake Lodwick to start Vimeo.

What You Can Do At Vimeo

  • Publish your video, as an artist, publishing your work to the video sharing like Vimeo can help to get more audience.
  • As a user, you are free to watch videos and give a feedback by a comment on the video.
  • As a brand, it is an opportunity to use Vimeo to promote and engage your brand.
  • At Vimeo, there are many videos under Creative Commons licensed which means you are free to use those videos for your own purpose.


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daily motion

Dailymotion, an another alternative to youtube, is an another great example for the site like Youtube which helps Videomaker to get more genuine and passionate audience from around the world toward their creative works.

At Dailymotion, you can browse videos from the variety of categories like sports, cultural, music festivals, gaming etc.

Dailymotion, Video Hosting Service is founded by the Benjamin Bejbaum and Olivier Poitrey in the year of 2005 which is today’s one of the top platforms to publish and watch videos.

Dailymotion divided their video publishers into two part, one is those who independently publish videos for free and the second are their premium partners.


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A most popular multinational video hosting service to find music videos. If you are a music lover so do not think ao you

need an introduction about Vevo. Go for a search for any music or artist on Youtube, the first result you will find the Vevo Artist channel and that is why it is the number one music platform on the web.

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It is also once from the sites similar to youtube for video sharing and watching.

A video entertainment and hosting company founded by the Israeli entrepreneurs Eyal Hertzog, Arik Czerniak in  2003.

 In the early years its service was same like other video hosting services like youtube and Vimeo but after some time they decide to transform it into short-form video entertainment.

After the Youtube and Vimeo, Metacafe is most popular video uploading site where users are free to make a free account to upload their video creations to get the public reaction over their work.

The best thing, as Newbie that have not to face so much copyright issues like Youtube with Metacafe.


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Zatto similar to Youtube, is a European live TV service provider, Zattoo lets you watch TV on your computer for free. With Zattoo, users can stream over 90 tv channels, can watch shows on demand and lot more.

You can also try its premium account for better service. But the only problem is with Zattoo

that, its service is only available in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Spain and France.

Zattoo can be used on any platform, Computer, tablets, smartphone with any operating platform (android, iPhone, Windows )

How to Use Zattoo In any Country

By using paid or free proxies you can use Zattoo in any country. You just have to install a proxy provider like Zenmate, or other paid proxy service to your computer.

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live leak

Lliveleak is also a great place to share their videos to go viral and get more attention with the millions of genuine users of Liveleak.

Using and sharing your video is easy with liveleak. Just have to sign up for a free account. After successfully completing the Liveleak account you will get a liveleak channel where you can publish your videos.


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snag Films

Ted Leonsis and Rick Allen founded SnagFilms in 2008 which is the best place to watch advertising-supported documentary and independent films

At SnagFilms you can watch full-length Movies videos, Television Shows, popular Documentaries, comedy videos and lot more.

But you can not upload and share your videos at SnagFilms like youtube, here you are only allowed to watch videos.


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Veoh is founded by Dmitry Shapiro as a video sharing site. first came to the market in 2005 and in 2006 they launched their full beta service but in 2007 they officially launched their complete service in 2007.

The company originally comes from Qlipso which is an Israeli start-up. The company got huge media attention when former Disney chairman “Michael Eisner” joined the board.

Veoh has the huge variety of TV programs and music content which you can watch in your free time.


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Crackle is the best place for the movie lovers to watch movies and most popular TV series. Every day you can find something new and fresh at Crackle. In the comparison to other streaming services Crackle is best and you have not to pay anything to use it.

Crackle is the re-branded and re-purposed version of site Grouper, purchased by Sony.

The only problem with Crackle is that its ads are non-negotiable. You can not do anything with its ads like Netflix or Hulu premium version are ads free.

Screen Junkies

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This online movie magazine owned by the Defy Media which is a digital media company who produce online content for all age groups.

It has also a Youtube channel with the same name Screen Junkies where you can enjoy varieties of TV series or movies like Honest Trailers, fights etc.

The user can enjoy the Screen Junkies’ tv shows and movies for free but to get much better service they have to upgrade their plan to its premium account which cost only $ 4.99 each month.


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my space

Myspace is the popular as a social networking site like facebook to connect the peoples and artists from around the world.

But in some years it also visited by the users to encounter videos of celebrities interviews or celebrity viral videos.

Originally Myspace is a social networking website which is funded by the Chris DeWolfe, Tom Anderson and Jon Hart on August 1, 2003.

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9GAG is not too much old, just launched on July 1, 2008, but in few years it got much popularity as a site where users are free to upload user generated content for the 9GAG’s viewer. It also allows users to share content from the other social media

platform like facebook, twitter. We can also refer this site as an online video magazine to search all of the viral content over the internet.

9GAG is founded by Ray Chan in 2008 to provide a fun & entertainment platform over the internet. At 9GAG you can encounter from the different of categories like trending, Gifs, videos, girl. Gaming, WTF and many others too.


TED is the best place for watching inspirational and much valuable videos to change your mentality, personality or behavior. At TED you can watch talk videos by the experts over all the topics like technology, mental illness, social behavior, religion, cast, failure.

Ted was founded by the Richard Saul Wurman and Harry Marks in 1984 and since then they are producing valuable talk videos.

At the starting point their aim was only of emphasizing the topics like technology and design but today in 2017 it has content over all the possible topics and plenty of inspirational videos and life stories.



For the gamers, Twitch is the best gaming video platform since its launch in 2011 by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear.

 The website has around more than 10 million daily visitors and around two million streamers who came to Twitch, to watch & discuss over the games. You can also be the part of Twitch gaming community by just creating a free Twitch account.



Flickr, which is primarily known as a photo sharing site but it also allow the user to share and watch videos. Flickr is acquired by the Yahoo in 2006 and founded by Stewart Butterfield & Caterina Fake, and launched by Ludicorp in 2004.



Youku is one of the leading Chinese video platform founded in March 2003 by Victor Koo who is the president of

Sapo Videos

Sapo is also a best video hosting site which let the user watch and upload their videos. The website has millions of videos and has daily something new to encounter.

sapo video


my veidos

Encountering movie trailers, funny videos is easy with Myvideo  Which is a leading video hosting platform which was founded in 2006.

fun or die is a great place to watch most entertaining funny videos as the name of the website shows. This comedy video’s website is founded by Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy in 2007.

Not only funny videos, they also contain funny articles, funny gifs, funny images, celebrity videos and lot more.

fun is a user-generated content website where you can discover videos as well as images & animated GIF too. Funnyjunk is also a great place for the video creators to publish their work to get genuine public approval and reactions.


A Chinese and half English video website which allows users to share their video content and photos.