Wordcounter Alternatives

What is wordcounter.net?


wordcounter.net is an online tool to count words and characters of your content, but this online tool is not just about counting words and characters rather, it also helps you to find the grammar mistakes, help you to improve your writing style and word selection, as well as also work as plagiarism checker.

So it’s mean that it is a complete  tool for the content writer, teachers or bloggers to improve their content quality by just using this simple online word counter tool.

Visit Official Website: wordcounter.net

What you can do with wordcounter.net?

  • Go to the options panel and under the buttons tab turn on the thesaurus button so you will be able to find the synonyms of any words. To use this function just select any word and click on the thesaurus button and it will show all the available synonyms results.
  • When you type the article with wordcounter.net it shows you are real time results.
  • Under the options tab, you can change the default settings to get better and desired results.


Visit Official Website: wordcounttools.com


Wordcounttools.com is on online word counter tools like wordcounter.net which help you to calculate the words, characters, and syllable by just pasting your content in word counter calculation box. You can use this tool in any browser like Chrome, safari, firefox etc.

The tool allows you to paste the content as well as you are also free to upload the content in the document form like word, pdf, excel, powerpoint and other ones. This online word counter tool is also very SEO friendly by helping you to write an SEO optimized content by telling you the readability and keyword density status.


Visit Official Website: www.countofwords.com


Countofwords.com is not like totally like wordcounter.net because it just gives you the information of total words, Nothing more. It is not going to tell you the about the characters, grammar error, keyword density etc. If you want to find the characters of your content so have to visit their another website. 

So this online word counter tool is just an ordinary tool which is not going you help you to improve your content or anything else, it will just help you to find the total no of the word of your article.


Visit Official Website: wordcounter.com


If you want to Include or exclude small words or want to find proper keyword density so this online tool is good. With the help of this tool, can add or exclude the small words like “it” “the” etc and also help you to find the accurate density of your words.


Visit Official Website: englishgrammar.org


Englishgrammar.org is a website which helps a user to improve their English to improve your English writing and speaking skills. They also offer some online tools to test your content.

Plagiarism Checker: with englishgrammar.org plagiarism checker you can find about the originality of your content.

Grammar Checker: With this tool, you will find your grammar error in your content to make an error free content.

Word counter: englishgrammar.org also offer you a word counter tool calculate the total no of words.



Visit Official Website: databasic.io/en/wordcounter

Analyzing your content and tell you the best result about most common words and phrases can not be more accurate than databasic.io word counter tool. They also offer other easy to use online tools like.

SameDiff Tool: SameDiff tool offers to upload two contents to compare them to find similar or difference between both the contents.

WTFcsv Tool: This tool help you to analyze your data in in CSV file


Visit Official Website: miniwebtool.com/word-counter


Miniwebtool.com will just help you to examine the word in your passage or your document. The tool is very easy to use and understand, you just have to copy the text and paste into the tool and at last click on the count word button to get results.


Visit Official Website: http://www.charcounter.com


Charcounter.com is an also a good tool for counting word, characters and paragraphs in your article, book etc.



This is a software or app which help you by giving immediate productivity feedback to your content. This is a paid app but you can also download it for free or try its premium version too for free for the limited time.


calculate stuff

Calculatestuff.com, online tool allow the user to add this tool to user website. So you are also free to use this online word counter tool to your website as a widget. Or you can use it online find the no of words.


syllable counter

Visit Official Website: Wordcalc.com

Wordcalc.com is an another the best tool for analyzing the exact word count for your passage or article by just copy and paste. With wordcalc you can also analyze your content paragraph or sentence by using its advanced features.



This amazing word counting tool is not just about copy and pastes to find the total no of words & characters of your content. Rather with this tool, you can set your target that what you want to find, paragraphs, lines, pages etc.


counting words

When we are writing with the Microsoft word it gives you the result of total no of words and characters but when you are not using Microsoft word then you need word counter and easywordcount.com is an amazing and a simple looking online tool for word count tool.



Visit Official Website: grammarly.com

We never know Grammarly as a tool for counting words or characters rather Grammarly help to improve your content by showing the errors of your content but it also give you the information about the no of words so you can also use it.