Vidoza Alternatives

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Vidoza is one of the video hosting servers where users can upload any type of video and earn money for it. It is characterized by having fast servers and allowing the hosting of adult content, unlike other platforms. 

The minimum withdrawal is $ 5. In addition, users can use any of the following payment methods: Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill, Payza, Perfect Money, eCoin, Paxum, etc. 

Vidoza Features 

  • Fast and friendly video hosting through an html5 player. 
  • It allows you to share videos for free. 
  • Support for different file formats including mp4, MOV, m4v, m2v, Mkv, VOB, AVI, 3gp, WebM, OGV, WMV, mog, Ogg, Divx, Xvid, and FLV. 
  • Unlimited storage space. 
  • Files are encoded in low quality and 720p. However, it does allow premium members to enjoy content in Full HD 1080p quality. 
  • Personal assistance and support. 
  • Access to personal offers and personalized rates. 
  • Referral program. 
  • Support for subtitles. 

Vidoza Advantages 

  • Premium users have unlimited storage. 
  • The platform offers adult content legally. 
  • The maximum file size is 15 GB. 
  • Monitoring and customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • Any inactive file will be kept as long as possible. 
  • Friendly interface and ease of use. That includes its impressive design for mobile devices. 
  • The services are free for both users and partners. 

It should be noted that Vidoza is not the only platform that offers users the opportunity to upload content. There are many others that provide similar features: 


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It is one of the most popular and browsed websites today. YouTube is considered the most important video hosting platform in the world. The numbers of daily visits on this platform are gigantic. 

Like Vidoza, YouTube allows you to generate substantial income through the uploaded videos. You can do that through advertising, channel memberships, product sales, or simply earning money when your video reaches a certain number of views. 

YouTube Features 

  • Video localization through metadata tags, titles, or descriptions. 
  • Videos in all resolutions. 
  • Intuitive and easy to use player. 
  • Restriction of digital copies by the company Abobe Flash. 
  • Copyright. 

YouTube Advantages 

  • Users can post their videos to blogs or web pages directly from the YouTube home page. 
  • It is a platform widely used by many media. 
  • Videos can be uploaded to the platform intuitively and quickly. 
  • There is no storage limitation. 
  • The videos of the users can be seen worldwide, which is a great advantage for all those who advertise. 


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PeerTube is another one of the great alternatives to Vidoza and that little by little is acquiring greater reputation and popularity. It is a free, open-source, decentralized social network where users can upload their videos on servers (called instances) created by themselves. 

This platform has been exciting for many users since it does not control or censor the content. Like the other platforms, PeerTube has an option to monetize your service. 

PeerTube Features 

  • Hosting on private servers interconnected with each other. 
  • Activity tracking on selected video channels. 
  • Channel custom interface. 
  • Administration of available functions. 
  • P2P technology. 
  • Monetization of services through donations and number of views. 
  • A great community between various social networks through ActivityPub. 

PeerTube Advantages 

  • The user has full control and responsibility for his content. 
  • There is no content censorship. 
  • The user has full power and responsibility for his material. 
  • More significant interaction with viewers thanks to WebTorrent technology. 
  • This platform does not depend on ads. 
  • It is a continually growing platform. 


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It is a social network where users can share high-quality creative videos. Vimeo is a platform that has more than 170 million users. Users must register to upload videos, comment, and build their favorite video lists. 

Vimeo differs from other video hosting platforms since here you can find higher quality in each video. That is because the people who are part of the community of this website are more specialized and have a greater technical knowledge on these topics. 

This platform allows members to earn money in two ways. The first one is called “Tip jar” and consists of receiving direct donations from PRO users. The second option is through a method called “Pay to view” in which users must pay a certain amount of money for the content. 

Vimeo Features 

  • High quality (HD) video upload. 
  • Only user-created content is allowed. Videos about video games, pornography or any other item that has not been produced by the channel administrator will not be accepted. 
  • The supported operating systems are Windows, Android and iOS. 
  • Privacy of the videos through specialized options. 
  • Notifications management. 
  • Guaranteed security. 

Vimeo Advantages 

  • Vimeo allows both free and paid options. 
  • Greater security by preventing the download of videos. 
  • A large number of people worldwide visit this platform. 
  • Friendly and easy to use interface. 
  • Ease of searching for audiovisual content. 
  • Content segmentation to quickly find a specific video. 


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DTube is a platform that works thanks to P2P and blockchain technology. It is an excellent alternative for Vidoza and other large video hosting servers since, like them, it allows users to upload videos. It should be noted that DTube works through a decentralized system in which users control each other’s content. 

This platform is very interesting since it allows content administrators to earn money through the number of visits their videos receive. However, viewers can also make money by evaluating the uploaded content. It should be noted that the platform pays through a cryptocurrency called Steem and not in dollars. 

DTube Features 

  • It is a multi-language platform. 
  • The payment currency is Steem, a cryptocurrency. The website does not make payments in dollars. 
  • P2P and blockchain technology. 

DTube Advantages 

  • Both content creators and viewers can earn money within the platform. 
  • Friendly interface and quite easy to use. It is very similar to YouTube. 
  • Segmented content so you can find any video quickly. 
  • You can monetize from your first video.