Alternatives To Luxsci

LuxSci is the brainchild of Erik Kangas, whose fascination with designing high-quality, detail-oriented web-based infrastructures led to the start up of his company in 1999. Erik chose the unusual name LuxSci, derived from the Latin “light of knowledge,” to encapsulate his view of the importance of developing services that bring great clarity to resolving.. Alternatives … Read moreLuxsci

Inout Webmail

Alternatives To Inout Webmail

Webmail and chat solutions for small/medium sized businesses. Inout Webmail script is loaded with state of the art features and it allows all mail operations under the same page without reloading the page. This gives you blazing fast response, ease of use and Gmail like performance but without the huge costs Alternatives To Inout Webmail


Alternatives To Greatmail

Greatmail is an email service provider (ESP) specializing in business class email hosting, SMTP hosting and email servers. For ISPs, application programmers and cloud developers, we also provide custom solutions including dedicated IP servers and process specific, load balanced configurations with multiple servers. Alternatives To Greatmail


Alternatives To Topmail

Topmail was founded in 2006 by Emmet O’Rafferty. Emmet has been providing protection against internet-based crimes such as hacking, viruses, phishing, fraud and scams since 2002 when he entered the digital assets security business. Emmet has over 35 years experience across the entire security industry. Alternatives To Topmail


Alternatives To NOCC

NOCC is a simple and fast Webmail client which can handle POP3 and IMAP mailboxes and sends email via SMTP. It is written with PHP, has low requirements (no database, frames). Features multi-language support, MIME attachments, displays HTML messages. Alternatives To NOCC


Alternatives To Ethletter

Imagine, that you got paid 10 dollars each time someone sends an email  to your Gmail address. Replace dollars with Ethers (you still can use dollars or euros, according  to its exchange rate) Replace 10 with any amount you want. 0.002 Ethers, 150 Euros, 20 dollars or 0.01 Bitcoin – you can set any price. Alternatives To Ethletter


Alternatives To Flaskmail

Make a professional impression with a custom & branded email address. Start your FREE trial today and try Flaskmail risk-free for 30 days. From your own domain name, to a scalable number of email accounts, to a professional website ‐ we give you all you need to successfully grow your brand online. Alternatives To Flaskmail