StumbleUpon Alternatives

It was a popular commercial website which closed on May 24, 2018. StumbleUpon was a way to find interesting web pages. It should be noted that this website incorporated a social network which allowed people to collect, exchange and share pages of interest through the Internet. 

It had a version for mobile phones for both Android and other systems. In addition, it had various extensions for browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. 

Its operation was simple since it was an automated system that allowed the user to navigate through the website to locate the web pages of interest in a single click. 

StumbleUpon Features 

  • Website to offer content options of interest to its users. 
  • It could be used with an Android application or through browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer). 
  • It had an internal messaging system for sending emails. 
  • It belonged to eBay. 

StumbleUpon Advantages 

  • Easy availability from the Smartphone or PC. 
  • It was a great way to find topics of interest online quickly. 
  • It was easy to share links with other users. 

As this website is not available, below, you will be able to know several alternatives. 


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It is one of the best alternatives to StumbleUpon. Discuvver is a page that allows you to find useful and practical sites of interest to the user. 

It has a very simple operation since you only have to enter its website and click on “Take me to a useful website”. You will immediately be redirected to a random website that has attractive options. You can do that action as many times as you want to visit a large number of pages. 

In addition, Discuvver has an option in which you can receive suggestions from web pages of interest directly to the inbox of your email. 

Discuvver Features 

  • Database with more than 10 million useful pages. 
  • Search for relevant and exciting content. 
  • One-click access to different websites. 
  • The content displayed randomly. 

Discuvver Advantages 

  • Easy and intuitive use and operation. 
  • This website is a great way to combat boredom. 
  • Great variety of content to learn new things. 
  • You can receive suggestions from web pages directly to your email. 

URL Roulette  

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It is a website that will give you a totally random experience. URL Roulette, unlike other web pages of this type, is interactive and dynamic. 

It consists of pasting a link from any interesting page you know, and then you will be redirected to a website belonging to a link sent by someone else. Simply put, it is like an exchange. You visit the link sent by another person, and that person will do the same with yours. 

It is a random process, and you can repeat it as many times as you want, taking into account that every time you want to visit a new web page, you must paste a new link. 

In addition, URL Roulette has a quick URL list option where you can check the top 10 links for the week. 

URL Roulette Features 

  • An operation that consists of pasting a link to visit the one that another person has sent. 
  • Random system. 
  • Weekly newsletter where you can access the top 10 URLs. 

URL Roulette Advantages 

  • You will have a fun, and surprising experience with each page visited, and you will know the likes of other people. 
  • Easy interaction on the website. 
  • Option to visit the top 10 URLs sent during the week without having to paste a link for each of them. 


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It is a web 2.0 site which has become popular over the years due to the exciting content you can find on it. On this website, you can find all kinds of science and technology news. 

Digg is an interactive website where users can send news content or recommendations of web pages that they know so that the community can enjoy them. 

It should be noted that stories and news can be published in different categories. Some of them are technology, music, games, programming, movies, design, offers, security, robots, science, software and more. 

The website has a section called “digg all” where users can find and read recommended articles. If some of them receive enough votes, then that article will be published on the cover. 

Digg Features 

  • Sections where the latest science and technology news will appear as well as other categories. 
  • Notification of failures to automatically delete a news item that has been repeatedly reported. 
  • Feedback system. 
  • Friends list. 

Digg Advantages 

  • Interesting news and stories for your entertainment. 
  • Tutorials that are hard to find on other websites. 
  • Full interaction between users, creators and the website. 


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It is a website that redirects you to pages that deserve your attention. Refind works just like other pages of this type. 

The first thing you should do is register using your email or through one of your social networks. Next, you must select the topics that interest you most. That way, the website will be able to select and show you relevant content. 

Each suggested article has its respective title, cover image, and description. When you decide which one to choose, click on the article fragment, and you will be redirected to the publisher’s website to enjoy the content. 

You can also save the stories in your account to share them on your social networks or, failing that, to receive suggestions in the future. 

Refind Features 

  • You can discover, read and save any content that catches your attention. 
  • A section where you can find your favorite topics and sites. 
  • Option to save the links through the extension for the PC browser. 
  • Reading lists where you can store content that you can read later. 

Refind Advantages 

  • System to find interesting stories. 
  • Ease of maintaining and sharing links with friends. 
  • Great variety of useful content to expand your knowledge.