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First of all, we must be aware, what is bookmarking? And What it means? so just we will do a google search to find what exactly a bookmaking means?

So it means, social bookmarking is making a collection of web pages which you want to restore for the future reading or want to share with other by sharing a simple link to a bookmarking site.

So here, what we are doing that we are providing you the latest list of best Bookmarking sites like Reddit.

Bookmarking sites can benefits you in many ways. There are many of the reasons to use social bookmarking sites. I tell you some of the benefits which social bookmarking sites provide you.

  • If you are a website owner or a business holder so you can use these social bookmark sites to share your content. It will increase your social signals for your site and also deliver some referral traffic which will help you in your search ranking
  • If you are in the field of writing or reading is your hobby so social bookmark sites can help you to get the best content from the web to read and research.
  • Social Bookmark sites have much importance in the SEO, it delivers referral traffic, help to get your content indexed, also build a powerful branding.



Founded By:

  • Steve Huffman
  • Alexis Ohanian

Founded On

  • 2005

Visit Official Website:

Reddit is one of the most popular discussion, social networking, news and bookmarking site, started by the two members Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian.They started Reddit in 2005 which is the today’s one of the leading online web platforms to encounter trending news, articles, discussions, reviews and lot more.

They started Reddit in 2005 which is the today’s one of the leading online web platforms to encounter trending news, articles, discussions, reviews and lot more.The best thing about Reddit, it is the most trusted, means if you are getting any news or information over Reddit so you can trust them.

The best thing about Reddit, it is the most trusted, means if you are getting any news or information over Reddit so you can trust them.At Reddit, user can post their content in two form

At Reddit, user can post their content in two form

  • First, they can share their content in the form of normal text form.
  • The second option is they can share simple links of the content.

Reddit works under subreddits, it is like category which Reddit named “subreddits”. To share your content you have to choose one of the suitable subreddits. Sharing a post in unrelated subreddits can lead you to ban your account or delete your post.

So choosing is related and relevant subreddits is necessary in order to survive or get better authority on Reddit.

Benefits of Reddit

  • Can discover current news over any category like tech, political, viral, celebrity etc
  • Sharing your content can help to get referral traffic.
  • Can create a subreddit of your brand or product which can drive great traffic toward your business.
  • Great place to create a discussion topic or discover the desired pre-discussion.

The authority of Reddit depends, how much karma you have. Karma is like vote, one karma means 1 vote.

Having a good amount of karma can do the lot for you, can start your own subreddit, increase your trust, can easily get noticed and much more.

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stemble upon

Visit Official Website:

  • Founded By: Garrett Camp & Geoff Smith
  • Founded On: 2001

Stumbleupon is one of the best bookmarking sites to discover the best content over the internet. It is started by the Garrett Camp & Geoff Smith in 2001.

You can choose from the different of categories like entertainment, celebrity, religion etc to get content according to your need and interest

Using Stumbleupon is easy, just go for a free signup and complete your profile to start stumbling.

Benefit of using StumbleUpon

Visit Official Website:

  • Founded By: Guillaume Decugis and Marc Rougier
  • Founded On: 2007 is an another great place to share your content and make a brand page. can benefits you with lots of referral traffic and followers to your brand or blog. provides two options to share the content, you can share your content in the form of a link or in the form of normal text.

Users are also free to upload their content, but this feature is available only for premium members.

How to use

  • First, go for a simple sign-up, you can also use your social media account or can sign-up with a simple email address.
  • Complete your profile by filling all the details properly.
  • On the top you will find an option of the “new scoop”. There you can paste the link of your content or can go with “Scoop without url” to publish a normal text post.



Visit Official Website:

  • Founded By: DBH Communications
  • Founded On: 2007

Bizsugar is a trusted Reddit Alternative to sharing your post, videos etc to help others and get targeted audience for your content.

Bizsugar is started by DBH Communications in the year of 2007 which is acquired by the Small Business Trends LLC in 2009.

Here in this short video, biz sugar explained, how they can help a business or startup.

The thing to be noted about the Bizsugar, it has strict policies. To post your content over Bizsugar you have to complete its post publishing guidelines, It is not like StumbleUpon or where there are not strict moderators to verify your post.


Visit Official Website:

Diigo is not just a simple bookmarking site with the only option of sharing your link.Rather it fulfilled many tasks for a user. So let’s check out how Diigo defines themselves.

Diigo is a multi-tool for personal knowledge management dramatically improve your workflow and, productivity. easy and intuitive, yet versatile and powerful”

Plans And Pricing

They have three premium subscriptions

  • Standard for the cost 40$ a year
  • Professional for the cost of 59$ a year
  • Business for the cost of 10$ a month

Things can Diigo Do

  • Public Bookmarks
  • Tags
  • Personal Library
  • Can Highlight things
  • Sticky Notes
  • Groups
  • Archived Web Pages



Visit Official Website:

  • Founded By: javalobby
  • Founded On: 1997

If you are a software developer or connected to the software developing work in anyways so nothing is better than D zone to find best trending technologies and best technology practices.

Dzone is the largest community and content publishing platform started by java lobby in 1997. Here is the hostory of Dzone

How to publish your content over Dzone

  • The contributors of Dzone are the highly professional technology experts who are normal Dzone readers like us. 
  • Dzone never compromises with the quality so your content should be awesome and relevant in order to get a published over Dzone.


Visit Official Website:

Inbound is the leading content publishing platform which can help to get relevant post according to your interest. Means you can filter the article according to your interest area.

If you stuck with any technical problem and unable to get answered so you can use to reach professional experts to get the relevant answer over your questions.

Users of Inbound can also make a relevant discussion or encounter a previous discussion over you desired topic.

To share your content just sign up and click the “Add New” button at the top and choose “share something”.

While sharing your content with, choose a relevant channel. Choosing a relevant channel help you to reach the relevant audience.


Visit Official Website:

  • Founded By: Jay Adelson & Kevin Rose
  • Founded On: 2004

Digg helps you to find daily fresh quality and relevant content from over the Internet. It is a social bookmarking and networking site founded by the Jay Adelson & Kevin Rose.

Daily something goes viral over the internet but it is not easy to find all of the viral news. But with Digg, it can be easy.

Digg daily creates a list of all the most popular and viral content over the internet. So Digg is the single solution to get all the viral content at one place.

You can make your own profile at Digg as a reader and can build your own list of all of the best articles. Or even you can also share your own content too at Digg.

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Visit Official Website:

  • Founded By: The A-team
  • Founded On: 2008

Plurk is also a great place to sharing your content, the best about the Plurk it has a very different and unique look to other bookmarking sites.


Visit Official Website:

  • Founded By: Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda and Jeff Bates
  • Founded On: 1997

Slashdot is the today leading bookmarking site, but in the beginning, it was a discussion forum to discuss over the Linux and other related software.

Slashdot is the best to discover and share technology-related content. Just visit the Slashdot and click on the stories from the menu bar to get fresh content to read.

Social Networking Sites

Social Media or Social Networking sites are must today. You can not miss them.

If you have a blog or a website’s owner so it is an important to be active on the top social networks.

Social networking sites can be also used to share your content to get back relevant audience toward your shared content.

Benefits Of using Social Media For A Business

Best Social Media Sites You Should Not Miss

  • Google+

Rest Of the Social Bookmarking sites

Bookmaking sitesofficial Websites
FarkClick Here
BibsonomyClick Here
folkdClick Here
tumblrClick Here
growthhackersClick Here
listClick Here
pearltressClick Here
metafilterClick Here
instapaperClick Here
flipboardClick Here
PapalyClick Here
RaindropClick Here

You can also use these sites to share your content for better results