Where to find pictures for blog posts? (Use Pexels Alternatives)

Where to find pictures for blog posts? (Use Pexels Alternatives)

Are you troubling with finding some quality images which you can use during your blog publishing or any other project?

So here is the solution

We are here in this article is going to share some best free stock images sites to discover quality free stock photos for free.

Question which is going to to be covered in this article



Official Website: pexels.com

Are you trying to find some quality stock images for your online or offline work? So Pexels is the great solution for you for free stock photos recruitment.

Back to 2014, when Pexels high-quality by Bruno Joseph and Ingo Joseph.

Pexels.com is a free stock images sites under the Creative Commons zero license which allows us to use those image for free our personal use.

The free stock images site Pexels is run by  Bruno Joseph, Ingo Joseph, and Daniel Frese.

Daniel Frese was not the part of the team when Bruno and Ingo founded it in 2014. Daniel joined the team later in 2015.

First, find What is  Creative Commons zero license

What You Can Do With Pexels

Can find free stock images: As we explain that Pexels is a free stock images site. So find some good stock images for your work.

Upload your works as a creator or photographer: if you are creator or photographers and have some good quality images, so Pexels provides you the option to upload your work here.

According to the website information, still, they have more than 30,000 stock images n their website and all are free to use. And every month around 3000 fresh images added to their site, which means every month you something fresh to encounter here.

Handpicked: Pexels knows the importance of quality so every image over Pexels is hand picked by their community members.

They use two resources to add photos to site.

First: all of the picture uploaded by their users.

Second: They go through the free image proving site and pick some quality images.

  • Pexels is available for multiple platforms, listed below
  • Chrome extension
  • App for Mac users
  • Also available for windows computer
  • Photoshop plugin to easily access images directly in your Photoshop tool
  • Ms office add in: To use images in your  Ms office software

Pexels videos,

As we know they deal with stock images service, but along images, they also provide short videos service where a user can encounter short stock videos, or also can submit their video.

Use These following filter to find your desired image

At Pexels a user can use the following filter (search) to match their need.

Photos with color: it let you find images on a specific color.

Popular photos: Here you get popular photos on the basis of most view in the last month.

Popular search: Here users get a collection of most searched term over Pixels.

For Example

  • Student
  • Pizza
  • Group
  • Job
  • And many others

Photographer Leaderboard:  when you choose this option, you find most downloaded photos in last month.

Discover Photos: Here you encounter all the categories.



Official Website: unsplash.com

  • Founded On: 2013
  • Founded By: Mikael Cho
  • Type of service: Free stock photos

Nowadays there are lots of stock images sites or even hundreds daily come with the same service. But they do not fit your requirement, that what you actually need. But Unsplash is an amazing free stock images site by the Mikael Cho, who got the idea of Unsplash when he was struggling with finding some good stock images which fit their business.

The images over Pexels.com  comes under Creative Commons zero license which means anyone can use those images for free.

There are many of the free public copyright licenses and Creative Commons zero is also one of those licenses, which allow the users to publicly access the Creative Commons zero license content for free for their use.

Features Of Unsplash

Free high quality images; Unsplash allows you to find over more than 200,000 free high-quality images under the Creative Commons zero license which anyone can download and use.

Always something new: Daily hundreds of hand picked great images added by the Unsplash community, which increase the possibility that you can find some great images here.

Follow others photographers; if you like photos of any photographers and do not want to miss any update made by them, so you have to just follow them. So whenever they will add something new, you will get a notification.



Official Website: stocksnap.io

If you have a blog and always you need some good quality images to include in your blog article. So I will suggest you to use Stocksnap for once. Stocksnap is a free stock images site like Pexels and Unsplash.

There are three options which you can do to find a picture over stocksnap.io

Category based search: Go to the site and click on the category, it will bring you the all of the popular categories.

All photos; This option will meet you to the entire photo gallery from all different categories. Here you can sort the result on the behalf of date, trending, views or download.

Trending: when you click this option “trending” it led you to all of the trending pictures over stocksnap

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