PdaNet Alternatives

Visit Official Website: http://www.pdanet.co/

It is an application whose function is to allow a Smartphone with any operating system to share Internet access with a PC or Tablet. This application is available for Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and PalmOS. 

With this application, you can share the Internet connection of your Smartphone with your PC or Tablet through different methods: 

  • Connection via USB cable. 
  • Bluetooth. 
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot (depending on the phone model). 

It should be noted that PdaNet does not have a connection speed limit, which makes it a great option. 

PdaNet Features 

  • It shares the Internet connection of a mobile phone with a PC or Tablet. 
  • It is possible to provide access to the network through different methods (USB, Bluetooth, and Hotspot). 

PdaNet Advantages 

  • Android phones do not need to be routed to use this application. 
  • Easy installation, connection, and use to get a wireless Internet connection from anywhere. 
  • The use of this app does not require additional charges from the Internet service provider. It allows you to save $ 20 a month from almost all operators. 
  • Compatibility with any version of the Android operating system. 


Visit Official Website: http://www.mobile-stream.com/easytether/android.html

EasyTether is an excellent free alternative to PdaNet, which allows you to use an Android mobile device to share the Internet connection with a PC. Its installation is simple since you only have to download the app from Google Play on the Smartphone and then download the necessary drivers for the computer. 

This application is light (150 kb) and does not require the Android device to be routed. Its connection mode is via a USB or Bluetooth cable. It is also important to clarify that there are two versions of this app: a free one and a paid one. 

EasyTether Features 

  • USB and Bluetooth connection for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android tablets. 
  • UDP support for games. 
  • Connection of video game consoles. 
  • It does not depend on the characteristics of any operator since it works with its own tethering system 
  • This application uses the same data plan with which a Smartphone has access to the Internet. 

EasyTether Advantages 

  • It allows configuring the DNS servers used. 
  • It has a setup assistant that allows the user to follow the steps for a quick and easy installation. 
  • The Smartphone does not need to be routed. 
  • All Android devices are compatible. 
  • Constantly free updates. 
  • It is 150 kb in size. 


Visit Official Website: https://www.maryfi.com/

It is a free application and free of any unwanted software or malware. This router software creator allows you to share the Internet connection of your portable device wirelessly. 

Maryfi is a great option for those people who always travel because they generally pay for the Internet connection in airports or hotels where they stay. With this application, they can save those expenses and use Internet data from their Smartphone wherever they are. 

It should be noted that to use this app, you must have Windows 7 or a higher version in addition to a Wi-Fi adapter or wireless card that gives you access to a wireless connection. 

Maryfi Features 

  • Compatible with computers with a version equal to or greater than Windows 7. 
  • Connection to the web from any nearby device. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Free application. 
  • It is used to extend the signal range of a router. 

Maryfi Advantages 

  • Simple to use for anyone. 
  • Very useful for people who need an Internet connection wherever they are. 
  • It is quite effective since it provides an excellent connection speed (depending on the data plan you have). 


Visit Official Website: http://intelliborn.com/mywi.html

It is an excellent alternative to turn an iPhone or iPad into a device capable of sharing its network connection with various computers or mobile devices. That means that the iPhone would act as a modem which can share the Internet by connecting it through a USB cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 

It has been available for a while now on the Cydia Store. All you have to do to use it is configure the network name and password. It should be noted that this app is paid and has a value of $ 19.99. 

MyWi Features 

  • Internet connection via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi of an iPhone or iPad with laptops or mobile devices. 
  • SSID and password settings (WEP security of 40 and 104). 
  • It shows the bandwidth of the connection used. 

MyWi Advantages 

  • This app does not require complicated installation and configuration. You just need to install it from Cydia and then configure the password and network name. 
  • Its security options will prevent other people from connecting to our Internet network. 
  • It can reduce Wi-Fi transmission power in order to save energy. 
  • A status screen in which you will be able to observe relevant data including the number of connected users, energy consumption and data sent. 


Visit Official Website: http://iphonemodem.com/

It is an application that, like MyWi, allows you to share the Internet connection of an iPhone or iPad with a PC or MAC. It is available from the Cydia Store. 

You must jailbreak your iPhone before installing iPhoneModem. When you do, a new application called “Modem” will appear. Also, you have to install the auxiliary app for your computer. 

iPhoneModem allows you to share a 3.5G data network anywhere you are. This application is paid and has a value of $ 9.99 

iPhoneModem Features 

  • The Internet connection shared through your mobile phone can be used by various devices. 
  • It has compatibility with all iOS devices since version 2.0. 
  • iPhoneModem can reach speeds of 7.2 Mbps within a 3.5G data network. 
  • It is necessary to download and install the application on an iPhone. In addition, there is an auxiliary application for the computer that will allow you to share the Internet quickly. 
  • Password and Network name settings. 
  • It is a paid app. 
  • Available from Cydia. 
  • It can only be used on jailbroken mobile devices. 

iPhoneModem Advantages 

  • Optimal network reception. 
  • Easy installation and handling. 
  • Wi-Fi security to protect your shared Internet connection.