Instagram Alternatives

#Here We Are Going TO Share popular photo websites like Instagram to publish your photos for free at the internet



Alexa Ranking

  • Global Rank: 18
  • Rank In United States: 14

Founded On: 2010

Instagram is the most popular social networking site which helps users to share their photos & videos. It works same as facebook & twitter works but, here user are just allowed to share the content in the form of videos or photos.

The popularity of a page or profile depends, how much followers it have.

Available On

  • IOS

How It Work

  • To access the Instagram you need a create a free account
  • After sign up, customize your profile
  • Connect your other social networks
  • Now you can start Instagramming



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Alexa Rank

  • Global Rank: 38
  • Rank In United States: 12

Founded By: Alan Schaaf

Founded On: 2009

Imgur is one of the best alternatives to Instagram to share your images over the internet by just after a simple sign up.

According to the stats, everyday Imgur is used by the millions of peoples with different Goals, some came to be entertained, some came here to share their masterpiece &  build connection and other came with other motives to this one of the best photo sharing site “Imgur”.



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Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank: 341
  • Rank In United States: 221

Founded By:

  • Stewart Butterfield
  • Caterina Fake

Founded On: 2004

Flickr is created by Ludicorp but in 2005 the yahoo acquired the Flickr as well as Ludicorp, so now the Yahoo control & run the biggest photo site “Flickr”.

Why Use Flickr

  • It help to manage & share your photos
  • Sharing your photos at Flickr can help to meet your
  • relevant audience
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Can also share videos
  • Can create private albums of your personal images



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Alexa Rank

  • Global Rank: 1654
  • Rank In china: 1324

Founded By:

  • Oleg Gutsol
  • Evgeny Tchebotarev

Founded On: 2003

500px is the Canadian image sharing site by Oleg Gutsol, Evgeny Tchebotarev who launched this website in 2003. 500px also help the photographers to make money with what they love to do. Means they can sell their images with the help of 500px


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Alexa Rank:

  • Global Rank: 982
  • Rank In United States: 680

Founded By:

  • Alex Welch
  • Darren Crystal

Founded On: 2003

With more than 100 millions of customers, Photobucket is the largest American images hosting site which also allows their users to upload their videos too.

With “Photobucket print shop” users can also print their work under affordable price. Not just printing, it also helps to edit their images to get a decent look before uploading or printing.

All About Photobucket

  • Signup: Just create an account by simple signup which will just take few minutes.
  • Upload Images: After creating a Photobucket account users are allow to upload their images or videos.
  • Edit: Before Sharing to the Photobucket users can customize their images with Photobucket editing tool.
  • Share: once the editing of the photo is done, users can publish their photos in the just one single click.
  • Print: With Photobucket Print Shop users also can print their photos.



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Alexa rank:

  • Global Rank: 166
  • Rank In United states: 99

Founded By:

  • Scott Jarkoff
  • Matt Stephens
  • Angelo Sotira

Founded On: 2000

The DeviantArt is the best alternatives to Instagram if you are searching for art related images or want to publish your art. This year in February 2017 the DevaintArt was purchased by for worth $36 million (source: Wikipedia).

What you can do at DeviantArt

  • Can explore from more than 347 millions of artwork by deviants
  • Can get relevant audience for your art creation with around 42 million members of Deviantart
  • As an artist or art creator can make your profile to share your content to build your own network.
  • Deviantart also allows their deviant to communicate with each other to exchange their knowledge & experience.
  • With DeviantArt shop, the deviant can also make money.



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Alexa Ranking

  • Global Rank: 2375
  • Rank In United States: 521

Founded On: 1999

Shutterfly is the largest American images hosting & publishing service provider which started in 1999 and situated in Redwood City, California.

It is not just a site to store images, rather it also allows users to make a fully personalized picture art, for example, Album cover, phone covers home decor etc to get the print.

How To Use Shutterfly

  • Create a free account
  • Add photos
  • Create your personalized design
  • Order
  • You are done



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Alexa Ranking

  • Global Rank: 1610
  • Rank In United States: 377

Founded By: Chris and Don MacAskil

Founded On: 2002

The men behind this most popular photo sharing sites SmugMug are two passionate photographers who are father and son by relation. Photography was their passion so they decide to start SmugMug and very soon their passion transforms into a business model.

Some Of The Features

  • Showcase: SmugMug allows to create a custom showcase of your photos as you want with its drag & drop feature.
  • Access: You can create a custom password for your gallery so the only peoples with the password will be able to see your photos. Can also allow or disallow to download and allow/disallow comments etc.
  • Storage; SmugMug is the safest place to store your pictures with unlimited storage.
  • Business: It enables users to make money by setting up a free shop with SmugMug. Just create a store, upload your work and customize your price list.

Google Photos

google photo

Visit Official website:

A Photo storage and photo publishings platform by the search engine giant Google to keep store your memory. The service was started by the Google in 2015 to help their users to upload their photos or videos to keep safe for the lifetime.

How to use Google Photos

  • Using Google photos is easy, just need a Gmail account which will be associated with your Google Photos account. The steps of using Google Photos are below.
  • Create a Gmail account or use an existing account
  • Visit Google Photos or download the app to your device
  • Start Uploading

How To Backup Your Photos With Google Photos

It is not easy to store unlimited photos and videos at your device because it can cause your phone slow. Or you need to delete your photos to replace new, but Google photos can help you to backup your memories automatically with its unlimited storage feature.

  • Step to enabling backup in you device
  • Download the app to your device
  • Enable backup and quality level
  • Users can also allow or disallow individual folders to backup
  • Now Google Photos automatically backup your photos


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Imgbb is the biggest picture sharing site to keep protect your images for the lifetime as the other images sharing do. One thing which is unique about Imgbb, that it do not require to create an account before uploading image rather you can start publishing without any registration too.

Things to be noted

  • Easy to use
  • Drag & Drop Feature
  • Can upload images up to 16 MB
  • Can use your image in form of BBcode, direct link or in HTML form

There are some limitation with Imgbb, that it only accept three image format “GIF, PNG, & JPG” and you will be also unable to create title or description for the images


Alexa Ranking

  • Global Ranking: 1,648,742
  • Rank in india: 134,123

Photobox connects,  “pic sharing sites” also can be used as a best Instagram alternative to save your image over the internet. It allows users to import their images from computers, facebook, Instagram, Flickr, google+ or dropbox.

Some tips about Photobox connect

  • Users are free to upload images over 20 kb to under 25 MB.
  • For the better uploading performance choose JPG or jpeg image format
  • Photobox connect works much better with Google chrome



Alexa Ranking

  • Global Ranking: 65
  • Rank In United States: 23

Founded By:

  • Paul Sciarra
  • Evan Sharp
  • Ben Silbermann

Founded On: 2010

Pinterest is the one of the popular image-based social media platform launched in 2010 which allow users to create a category based board to share images from the URL or can also upload.

Pinterest can also help to publish or store your images but if you are an artist, art creator or photographer so Pinterest can help you to gain relevant audience toward your work with its millions of daily users.

What can user do with Pinterest

  • Can create their personal profile
  • Can create category based board
  • Can follow or followed by the other Pinterest users
  • Can communicate with other Pinterest users
  • Can discover unlimited results over any topic



Alexa ranking

  • Global Ranking: 3
  • Rank In United States: 3

Founded By: Mark Zuckerberg

Founded On: 2004

Facebook is the most popular social networking site which can be used to upload your photos & videos to keep safe for the lifetime and share with your friends & family.

 So Facebook is also will be an app similar to Instagram to share your image with the web


Alexa Ranking

  • Global Ranking: 3686
  • Rank In United States: 3044

Founded On: 2004

Owner: Photobucket

  • Free Image Hosting: Users can host their photos for free
  • Photo Sharing: Can share your images with Tinypic usersor can share on social networks
  • Video Hosting: Tinypic also allows their users to upload their videos.

How Tinypic Work

  • Upload your images or videos
  • Tinypic generate a unique URL for your videos or images
  • With the given link you can use your images to social networks or your website


Alexa Ranking

  • Global Rank: 31,804
  • Rank In United States: 8,809

Founded By

  • Florian Meissner
  • Ramzi Rizk
  • Gen Sadakane
  • Lorenz Aschoff

Eyeem is the fastest growing photography sharing sites by the four members (Florian Meissner, Ramzi Rizk, Gen Sadakane, Lorenz Aschoff) launched in 2010 to provide a platform to the internet users to upload and publish their photos to get discovered by the relevant audience. 

  There is nothing unique about the Eyeem, it works same as the other popular images hosting site do.

How to sign up

  • Users have two choices, sign up as  a photographer or sign up as an image buyer
  • sign up as a photographer: here you can create a free account to upload and publish your images. With the photographer, the account can also a sell their photos to earn.
  • Sign up as image buyer: users can sign up as a buyer to purchase fully licensed images for the personal or commercial use.