Google Alternatives: Ultimate List Of Best search Engines Alternative

Google Alternatives: Ultimate List Of Best search Engines Alternative

#There are many search engines other than google so here we listed and discussed all the best alternatives to Google

Founded On: September 4, 1998

Founder: Larry Page, Sergey Brin

Google is the most leading and no:1 search engine platform over the internet to find thousands of relevant & quality result over your query in just a few seconds. Today’s no:1 search engine was started as a project at Stanford University by Larry Page, Sergey Brin. Their idea behind the development of google was to provide a platform to the internet users to search things over the internet.

Since his launched in 1998 Google is going under lots of changes to make their search result better, to provide genuine & relevant results and that is why he is no.1. Today Google not only owned no1 search engine rather he also have most used Google Apps Store, best email service, most liked chrome browser, leading advertising platform Adwords & Adsense, widely used Google map and many other services too.

As users at Google, you can search anything from across the world and can get more than thousands of best results over your search query.


DuckDuckGoVisit Official Website:

Founded On: September 25, 2008

Founded By: Gabriel Weinberg

DuckGo is another a great search engine platform to search your queries to get a better result without feeding up by visiting lots of websites. One thing which makes DuckDuckGo different, that it did not use Cookies, or track any personal information of your to provide results. DuckDuckGo has a different approach toward advertisement. Instead of using cookies to show the advertising like Google or Bing, it shows ads according to the search. Suppose if search about car so, you will be witness car related advertisements.

DuckDuckGo also let the users do things Google do not allow. Like at DuckDuckGo user can see the users profiles without leaving the search results.  Whenever you search for an app you also get the list of best alternative to the searched app and many others too.

Some of The Features:

  • Instant Answers: It shows instant answers when a user search a question in the search box.
  • !Bang Syntax: This syntax help you to search from any website for example if you search “!Ebay iPhone” so the result will redirect you to the eBay website and will show iphones.
  • In-site Search: It means, it helps you to explore more with any search, without visiting different websites.
  • Autosuggest: DuckDuckGo let you find suggestion while typing your search query. Suppose you are typing Barack Obama so it will automatically show you the most related topics like Barack Obama pics, Barack Obama wife etc.


BingVisit Official Website:

Launched By: Microsoft

Launched On: June 1, 2009

Bing is also a search engine platform like Google by the global vendor of computer’s world “Microsoft” which replaces their own search engines, like ( Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN). There is no doubt that Google is no 1 but there are many things which Bing shows better than Google.

Some of The Features:

  • Bing homepage: Daily you have something new at bing which you can encounter at its homepage.
  • Smart Motion Preview: Now you do not need to be stuck with video thumbnails. Many times users have to click the video to just check the content but with Smart Motion Preview feature of bing’s users can watch the preview of the videos by just cusoring to the video.
  • Music: for the music lovers, bing tries to provide everything at once place like artist profile, music albums, videos and lot more.
  • Events: Bing has partnership with FanSnap which is the leading event search engine to find about ticket availability and compare ticket prices.


YandexVisit Official Website:

Launched On: 1997

Founders: Arkady Volozh, Arkady Borkovsky, Ilya Segalovich

The leading search engine in Russia “Yandex” is a Russian company which also have a search engine platform. Not only in Russia, rather it is one of the top search engines of the world. One of the interesting thing about Yandex, that it works in some different way, that is why Optimization of the Yandex is different from others.

Some of the features:

  • Image: can discover images over any topic with its image features.
  • Videos: Yandex have a better dashboard for the videos results in comparison to Google
  • Yandex Map: Can encounter any place with Yandex Map
  • AppMetrica: It is a tool by Yandex for the app developers and owners to track statics.
  • Translator: Yandex has also a translator like Google have to translate from any language to any.

Startpage.comVisit Official Website:

Launched On: 2009

Startpage is also a great alternative to google to get results over your web, video and images queries. Startpage also provides email service to their users. Startpage shows the combined results of Google and Ixquick. The best part, that it does not store your information like IP, personal data and your previous search queries.


YAHOOVisit Official Website:

Founded On: 1994

Founded By: Jerry Yang, David Filo

Yahoo is in the market since 1994, and even Google launched in 1998 but yahoo unable to get that much of fame as a Google earn as a search engine. But in some of the other sectors Yahoo rule, like Yahoo finance, Yahoo Qus & Ans and there are some others too.

Some of The features:

  • Yahoo Finance: Yahoo provides a separate space for those users, who have relation with a topic related finance. They can get news, information, press release or anything related to finance with Yahoo Finance features.
  • Yahoo Answers: Getting answers and information is very easy with the most trusted and leading qus & ans features of Yahoo which let you free to get an answer to your query or can also answer the question asked by the other users.
  • Celebrity: It is an entertainment feature for the those who just come over the internet to entertain themselves. This feature helps to collect all the trending & gossips news related to the celebrities.
  • Flickr: Flickr is one of the best image sharing websites which owned by the Yahoo which help to share images, arts or collection over the internet to public acceptance and reactions.


BaiduVisit Official Website:

Founded: January 1, 2000

Baidu is a Chinese search engine which dominates the chinese market because of the ban on Google in China. And in the worldwide ranking, it is also listed in top search engines lits. Baidu have lots of similar services and products like Google for example: Baidu Map, Baidu Netdisk which a cloud storage service offered by Baidu and many others.

Some of The Features:

  • Baidu Baike: The chinese encyclopedia and one of the largest encyclopedia which contains information over any topic.
  • Entertainment: To make entertainment easy, baidu have an individual feature of entertainment which helps the user to play games, music, watching movies etc directly from the search page.
  • Baidu News: Baidu let the user to read category based news stories or articles. You can explore news from the plenty of categories like domestic, property, entertainment etc.
  • Baidu Know: It is question & answer service where registered users can ask or answers the question.
  • Library: a very helpful feature which let users get a library of related results over the search query.

Ask.comVisit Official Website:

Founded On: June 1996

Founded By: Garrett Gruener, David Warthen, Douglas Leeds is the search engine which is based on question and answer format is one of the search engines which is older than Leading Search Engine Giant Google.

It has a very familiar and simple looking search result dashboard. User gets result below, related to the search query and in the right, there are two options to filter between videos and answers ( web results). In the sidebar, users get results over related topics.


AOL.COMVisit Official Website:

Founded In: 1983

Founded by: Marc Seriff, Steve Case, Jim Kimsey

AOL is the one of the oldest search engine and still surviving as one of the top search engines at the internet. AOL also owned the some of the top websites like The Huffington Post, Techcrunch, Engadget.


QuoraVisit Official Website:

Founded By: Adam D’Angelo, Charlie Cheeve

Founded On: June 2009

Quora is one of the most popular question & answers sites to get a relevant answer to your query. At quora, users can discover the questions over any topic, technology, literature, entertainment, baby care or anything else.

Quora is also a good to get the public review over any service or product. Suppose you are planning to purchase a PlayStation so at quora can help you to get genuine suggestions around PlayStation.

According to the Alexa Quora has 129 worldwide rank with 372.10M visitors (according to Similar web) and have around more than 30% of traffic from the United states.

Some of the features:

  • Follow Topics: Quora allow the users to follow the topics to which they are interested or expert, or the topics to whom they want to gather information.
  • Share Answers: There are millions of questions on every possible topic, so users are allowed to answers the question asked by the other quora users.
  • Start A blog: Quora offer every user a blog section, where they can share their information, knowledge in the form of blog post articles.
  • Can create a profile: As an expert in any field users can create a strong profile. Whenever you answer a question, the users upvote your answer which helps to increase the authority of your profile.




We can also consider Gibiru as the great private search engine to perform a search to get desired results. But Gibiru is unable to get that much of fame which other search engines succeed to get. It has a very simple search result page which only contains to filter between web and images.




Founded By: Aaron Flin

Founded On: November 1995

Dogpile is not a complete search engine, because it, not use their own data to show the results rather it uses other search engine data to produce the results. That is why Dogpile is a Metasearch engine.

So what Dogpile do in order to show results to their users. It fetches the data of Google, Yandex, Yahoo to generate their search result page.


WolframAlphaFounded By: Wolfram Research

Founded ON: May 18, 2009

WolframAlpha is not just a search engine rather it gives freedom to the user to do a lot more like can explore the worldwide facts, Data, statistics, and lot more. WolframAlpha can be also referred as a qus & ans or knowledge based search engine which shows all the information related to the searched query rather showing regular websites listing.


IxQuickFounded By: David Bodnick

Founded ON: 1998

IxQuick is a great private search engine, which does not spy over the user searches. Whenever you search any term or query with the search engine like google, yahoo or others, so what they do, they keep the record of your searches or interest in order to fulfill their goal of advertisement etc. But because IxQuick is a private search network so your query is not going to be track.

IxQuick has also a regular home page like other search engines. They provide options of the web, video, and image to filter on the left side of the top of the page. Or User also can try its advance search for the better search filter.


GiphyFounded By: Alex Chung and Jace Cooke

Founded On: February 2013

Giphy is the world’s largest search engine to search GIF Animated images. Giphy has launched just four years ago in 2013 and in a very few time, it created huge name and popularity, used by the million of peoples across the world.

Some of The Features:

  • Can create page: users can create a page or channel over Giphy where they are free to upload & manage their GIF.
  • Help To Create Gif: Giphy has their own advance tool which helps users to create custom Gif with youtube video and contain many other features too.
  • Easy to share: On the social media Giphy gif images are trending because it is easy to share with any social media.

Creative Commons Search

Creative Commons Search, is not a search engine rather it uses other sources to provide results. They also notified that they have no control over their search results.


YoutubeFounded By: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim

Founded on: February 14, 2005

Largest video search engine by the search engine giant Google which originally created by the three former Paypal employee Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim.


EcosiaFounded By: Christian Kroll

Founded On: 7 December 2009

Ecosia is the only search engine which donates around 80% of their revenue for the work like planting and other nature saving projects.

According to the information, Ecosia has been already planted 7,398,211 trees and even they quoted behind the search box “Search The Web To Plant Tree”


SlideshareLaunched on October 4, 2006

Owned By: Linkedin

Slideshare is a place to search slides (PPT & PDF). It is the most largest Slide hosting site at the web with more than 18 million of uploads under the 40 different categories.

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