Google Chrome Alternatives

What is Google Chrome


The most popular web browser with more than 62% users from worldwide, officially developed & released by the search engine king Google on September 2, 2008. The best thing about “Chrome web browser’, it is simple, user-friendly & easy to use.

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Google Incognito

Google Incognito

Google Incognito is a feature added by the Google Chrome which helps to make a private search. Private search is where your browser is not going to track your query or searches. Whenever we search anything our browser saves our activity. But When you use Google Chrome Incognito tab you are not going to be tracked by your browser.

Google Chrome Addons

Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. You write them using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. source:

Google Chrome has unlimited no of Addons which can be used to make your browsing experience better. You can filter from the millions of Google Chrome extension according to your need to customize the browser according to your need.

Some of The Features of Google Chrome


It provides a much faster speed which enables to load heavy websites in few seconds. Having a web browser with better speed can also work better even with low internet speed.

Easy To Use & Simple

One of the best thing about the chrome, it is easy & simple and not going to complicate you with its destructive design.


Using the internet is not safe, your information can be hacked or stolen but with chrome, you have no need to worry about your information. It is totally secure & safe.


Chrome allow their users to add extensions, apps, themes etc to fully customize your browser as you want. There are not only add-ons or apps rather there are several of other ways too, to customize your Chrome browser.

Some of The Cool Google Chrome Hacks

  • Can Do Math Equations
  • Just type any equation into the search bar like 10+10 and you will find the answer in the response.
  • Can drag multiple tabs into new windows by just using Ctrl+left click.
  • Just drag & drop any images or videos in the new tab of Chrome for a quick view.
  • By using pin tab you can select your most visited sites to open in just one click.
  • Can open the last deleted tab by using ctrl + t

Mozilla Firefox


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Released On: September 23, 2002

Released By: Mozilla Foundation

Supported Devices

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Android
  • Linux

Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser like Google Chrome originally developed by Mozilla Foundation which released on September 23, 2002. Mozilla Firefox is the one of the old & most trusted web browser for better & safe browsing experience.

Some Of the Features of Mozilla Firefox

  • Better Speed & Performance
  • Allow To Customize Your Firefox according to your need
  • A large no of extension & addons
  • Can also use Mozilla Firefox at Android and IOS
  • A very safe & Impressive private browsing

Mozilla Firefox web also contain some of the issues, like

  • have not integrated Flash support
  • there is not any 64-bit version etc

By decreasing the size of icons you can succeed to increase the screen space of your PC. To do this you just have to visit toolbars and then move to “customize” where you will find the option to use small icons.

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Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts

  • Spacebar for to page down
  • Shift-spacebar to page up
  • If want to find something over the page just click cltr + f
  • Cltr+d to bookmark any page
  • Cltr+L to directly visit address bar



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Released On: April 1995

Developed By: Opera Software

Opera is one of the oldest internet browsers in the market since 1995. It is the fastest and most secure internet browser for your PC or smartphone. If we talk user experience so chrome & opera are same. Why? because both are built in Google Chromium engine, as a result, we find many similarities between both the browsers.

But opera has a very wide history in comparison of Google Chrome which is just nine years old but other-side opera is fulfilling the needs of the the user since 1995.

Some similarities between Google Chrome And Opera

  • Both are built in Google’s Chromium engine
  • Both have hybrid URL
  • Both are much faster & secure

Some of the features of Opera

Duplicate tabs: no need to copy the URL and paste to address bar in order to open the duplicate tab. Rather it is just one click far to make a duplicate tab, just click on the duplicate tab option and you are done.

Open non-hyperlink URL: let assume that you are visiting a site and there you find a URL but that is not hyperlinked so what you will do. you will copy the URL and then open to the new tab but with opera just select the given URL and select “visit the URL” option

Can command Opera to reload after every 30 sec; this features of Opera is good when you are visiting the site like football or cricket scores. You have no need to refresh every time manually just use this feature to command Opera to reload after every 30 seconds to save time.



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Released in: January 7, 2003

Developed By: Apple

Safari is the one of the finest web browsers for the Mac users to experience best performance & security, launched in 2003, since then it is always listed in the top 10 browsers of all the time. There are the lot of unique things safari contain, which helps to boost a browser’s performance.

  • For example, Its JavaScript engine and some of the energy-saving features to make browser fast

There are lots of other features too which make safari an excellent browser

  • Better speed
  • Clean and user-friendly
  • Easy to use & access

Some attractive features of Safari

Browsing & search Snapback:

This feature of Safari allows you to jump back to the original search in just one click. Suppose you search for something but after clicking many of Google results you are unable to find the satisfactory result, so by using Browsing & search Snapback you can instantly back to the original result.

Can Inspect elements like chrome: 

Now with the latest version of Safari user can inspect the HTML and CSS codes in the browser while browsing. This functionality of Safari is much similar to Google Chrome where a user can inspect the code behind the web page with just a simple shortcut key (CTRL+U). To use this in Safari users have to enable it by visiting browser settings.

Activity window:

it is to find what is going behind the browser when you are browsing.


this safari’s feature is amazing because you have no need to visit a third place to find the meaning or summary of any word. Safari has also its inline dictionary to explain or summarize any word. Just type any word in Safari web browser and use simple shortcut key Ctrl-Cmd-d.

Internet Explorer

internet exploer

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Released On: August 16, 1995

Developed By: Microsoft

One of the oldest and widely used web browser by the king “Microsoft” who launched the internet explorer in 1995 . with all the windows computers & tablet, it comes as a default browser. The last version of the Internet Explorer was version 11 which released on October 17, 2013. But with the latest window 10, the default browser is Microsoft edge.

Some of The features of IE

  • Neat interface: Internet Explorer has a  very clean interface which makes it user-friendly & easy to use.
  • A smart download manager; To manage & list all of the downloads, it has a smart download manager which help to manage your downloads according to your need & convenience.
  • Safe & Secure: it not only secure your information or browsing data, rather it also make you safe to unsecured websites & contents.

Some of the hacks of IE

  • No need to click to type: use Alt+d to directly type your search query into the address bar without clicking it.
  • Get full screen: Are you want to use your Internet Explorer browser in the full-screen mode so just use F-11.
  • Resize your window size as you want: just resize your browser as you resize other windows. Once you are done, just hold shift and close the window.
  • Open link in the new window; Opening a link in the same window can cause many problems. So the best solution is, open it new tab. Just hold shift while clicking the link, the link will be automatically open in new window.

Torch Browser

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  • Easy to install
  • Safe and secure
  • Use-friendly interface

Touch is not just a browser, it is a free software or combination of multiple software programs along with browser and much more. The best thing of Torch Browser, it is a single solution of all of your browsing need. It has default downloader, media player, music, games etc.

Some of the features

Media Grabber:

To download videos or audio in a single click with the default downloader of the torch. You have no need to use the third-party extension or downloader, Torch will do this for you.

Torch Torrent:

having a default torrent in Torch Browser will help you to easily download and manage the all of the torrents download directly from the browser.

Torch Media Player:

for the media lovers Torch Media Player is an amazing feature. It helps you to run the torrent download files in the default Torch Media Player.

Torch Facefit:

It is an interesting and most amazing feature of Torch which helps you to customize your Facebook according to your convenience. You can change the background, colors, fonts etc of your Facebook or also can try free themes to provide a beautiful look to your Facebook wall.

Some more features

  • Torch Music portal to listen to all of your favorite songs at one place.
  • Torch Games to play unlimited free games.
  • With torch own share button, can easily share the things in just single click.
  • Download accelerator to boost the speed of your download

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Released on: 2002

Developed By; Maxthon International Ltd

Supported Platform

  • windows
  • Android
  • Mac Os
  • IOS

Maxthon is not just a simple browser, it is more than that. Maxthon is developed by Maxthon International Ltd and released on 2002. It is the multi-platform browser which also supports android as well as ios devices.

Whenever we use a browser and do lots of surfing, it causes problems like speed loss, the computer hangs etc but Maxthon also optimize the working condition of your computer to make the browser fast while browsing and also help to boost the computer performance.  If we compare Maxthon with the others so it is much faster, it boosts internet to some extent which helps to easily open pretty heavy pages too.

Microsoft Edge

micrsoftware edge

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Released On: 29 July 2015

Developed By: Microsoft

Microsoft Edge replaces the internet explorer which was the default browser of window PC or tablet till Windows 8.1 but with the release of Windows 10 “Microsoft Edge” is the default browser of window PC & tablets. Microsoft did not make many big changes to Microsoft Edge, they just make it much lighter, safer and easier than internet explorer. Also, include some changes in its features.

Some of the features

  • In the new Microsoft edge can use Cortana to search things over the internet. To use this feature, you have to enable it by visiting the advance setting.
  • Can make instant notes on web pages; this function of Microsoft Edge is like taking a snapshot of a web page and then make some notes there. Suppose you find something great on a web page and want to highlight so you can use “make a web note” button from the top.
  • Reading View: this feature of Microsoft Edge can help you to make a distraction free reading. If you are reading a post or article but ads or other stuff are making some problems so can switch to reading mode.
  • Reading list: This allow you to make a personalized list of your favorite reading lists which can be access directly from the browser in the single click.
  • Themes: Users can also give a better look to their browser by just simply choosing a theme. Choosing a theme makes browsing interesting and lighten.



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Released On: April 6, 2016

Developed By: Vivaldi Technologies

Vivaldi is just one year old and very colorful browser which has great colorful design & interface. Vivaldi has much better looks and customization option in comparison to others.

With Vivaldi, you can customize your browser as you want, it is highly customizable and many color options to make browsing colorful.

Even they also did some work on browsing history, we never feel good while seeing our browsing history because it looks damn bad & ugly but Vivaldi has a different and colorful look for browsing history to dig something useful from your history.

Some of the features of the Vivaldi browser

Faster Navigation:

Vivaldi have many advanced features to make your browsing fast and easy. Like speed dial to make a list of your favorite sites, a speed dial folder to organize all of the speed dial lists, a quick command with the help of a simple text etc

A Brilliant Browsing Experience:

users can experience a better browsing performance with its features like, notes to make some quick notes while searching, side panel which makes accessing bookmarks & download easy, can make a custom search engine for all of your search etc.


this feature of Vivaldi is to save all of the tabs for once so whenever you want, you can open them with a single click.

Trash Can:

To restore closed tabs at any time or it also helps to pop-ups block.

Bookmark Bar:

A direct tab to make bookmark management easy.


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Founded On: May 28, 2015

Supported Platform:

  • Windows
  • IOS
  • MAC
  • Linux
  • Android

Brave is not so much old, it is just around two years old when it released on May 28, 2015, but it is one of the trustable browsers for a safe & faster browsing. The best part of the Brave, it automatically blocks the ads and pops to make a destruction-free browsing for their users.

Brave block all of the destructive ads which cause heavy load time for the websites. And as a result, you get a much faster speed and safer browser.



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Released On: 24 December 2002

Developed by: The GNOME Project

GNOME is a free and open-source browser developed by the GNOME and released in 2002 which supports GNOME which is an open source software which works with Linux.



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Released On: January 30, 2004

Developed By; Avant Force

An ads-free multi-processing lowest memory usage browser by the Avant, released on January 30, 2004. Avant is one of the lowest memory usage browsers to boost the performance of your PC,  there are many browsers which takes much memory space which causes you some problems while running your computer with browsing but Avant takes less memory so you are free to do other things too with browsing.

Some of the features

Ads and malware free:

Avant is 100% ads free and protects your PC from the harmful virus & malware.

Multiprocess browsing:

It helps you to do lots of things at the same time, Suppose you’re working with many tabs and sudden one tabs collapse so with this feature your other tabs will not be affected.

Video sniiper:

it is one of the interesting features of Avant which we like most. Suppose you are a visiting a web page and there is a video which you like, so video snipper provides you a direct link to download that video.

Download Accelerator:

an inbuilt downloader of Avant to make downloading easy and much faster.

Private Mode:

user can move to private mode, it is like the Google Chrome incognito window where browser do not store any information (history) of the user, means whatever you search anything in the private window, it will not save it in your history.