Facebook Alternatives

What is Facebook?

With its more than 1 billion users from worldwide facebook is the one of top social networking site in the world. It helps peoples to connect and share anything to each other from anywhere just by logging to the person account. The idea behind the facebook is Mark Zuckerberg who originally designed & developed Facebook for the college students in 2004.

At this time he was enrolled at Harvard University and just get an idea to start a website which can help the students to connect to each other and who knew that in the future year it will become the top social networking site in the world.

Facebook started as just a social networking site used by the peoples with the different purpose, but today it is not just a social networking site. It becomes a marketplace where the small and big business advertises their service and products to get more & relevant customers. Recently facebook makes many changes and includes many features.

Affordable Advertising: Facebook Advertising is affordable in comparison to Google or other’s advertising

  • Brand Presence: With the millions of online users you create a great brand presence on facebook.
  • Get Customers: On facebook millions of users online at the real time so for a business it is great opportunity to convert them into their customers.
  • Highly Targetable: Can target any age, country, language with facebook ads
  • Facebook Trend: With this facebook feature, you can find the trending topics which are going viral or most discussed.
  • Social Networking: It is not easy to be in touch with all of your friends and relatives but Facebook not just make it possible rather also make it easy.


Official Website: twitter.com

#We cab refer Twitter as Best Facebook Alternative

Twitter is one of the most powerful social networking tools which help you to connect to the all the trending news, events, functions etc from the worldwide. Whether it is a big celebrity or rising one, a big brand or a new business all are using twitter with different aim and purpose.

Twitter is a Multilingual social networking site like Facebook where you can tweet your ideas, information, news or anything else to be noticed by the twitter users.

Eleven years ago in 2006 Twitter was Founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and  Evan Williams with the aim to connect peoples from worldwide. At twitter, you can follow the interesting news, people, and there are lot more to do.

Twitter is followed by the millions of users so as a businessman, an artist or a website owner it is a great opportunity to get more attention & user engagement with twitter paid campaign.



Official Website: in.linkedin.com


  • Reid Hoffman
  • Allen Blue
  • Konstantin Guericke
  • Eric Ly
  • Jean-Luc Vaillant

Linkedin is a social network of industry professionals. At LinkedIn you can find any professional like designers, software engineers, teachers, developers etc and can follow their profiles or connect with them to exchange knowledge. Linkedin was founded on December 28, 2002, to connect all the professionals, experts and business at one place.

Why You Should Use Linkedin

  • As a college student at Linkedin, you can connect with industry professionals get their advice and suggestions.
  • As a student, you can also use Linked as an online resume. At linked while creating your profile you have to submit all the basic details like qualifications, jobs experiences etc. So you can also refer LinkedIn as an online resume or bio data.
  • All of the al big and small companies are listed on linked so it is easy for you to find any job recruitment by just visiting the company profiles.
  • If you have a business so at LinkedIn you can also create a powerful brand page to get more user attention.


Official Website: plus.google.com

A social networking site by the search engine giant Google who started this in 2011. The idea of Google behind the Google+ is very similar to other social networkings sites, but some of its features differentiate it with others. 

Google+ is much beneficial for the business owner to list their business on Google. To create a google+ profile or page you just need a Gmail account.

How to create a Profile on Google+

  • Create Gmail Account
  • Visit https://plus.google.com
  • Under the profile, section fill all the basic details and click on continue
  • You are done
google Plus


Official Website: in.pinterest.com


  • Paul Sciarra
  • Evan Sharp
  • Ben Silbermann

Pinterest is not completely a social networking site rather it is an image sharing website and suitable to the creatives, photographers, designers or other to share their talent and work in the form of images to Pinterest.

Launched in 2010 by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp, and Ben Silbermann. At Pinterest, you can follow your interest from the plenty of categories like fashion, literature, technology, business, startups, and lot more.



Official Website: vk.com

To be in touch with your friends or relatives and find new peoples from the worldwide to interact with them is very easy with Vk.com which is one of the popular European social media started by the Pavel Durov in 2007. At VK you can create pages, events, groups or also can privately talk with your friends.



Official Website: www.instagram.com

Instagram is one of the largest images sharing sites to share your pics, creations, arts, photographs with the world to get more attention and engagement. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram in 2010 as images or video sharing free mobile app which owned by the facebook in 2013.


  • Can link your other social accounts
  • Can share your pics and images
  • With Instagram stories, you can add live videos or photos which will be only last for 24 hours


Official Website: vine.co

Vine.co by twitter enables you to watch and share 16 minutes short video. As a user to watch your favorite videos you can choose from the different categories like art, animals, comedy, sports etc. vine.co was started by three members Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in 2012 but the same year Twitter acquire it.



Official Website: www.reddit.com

We can use Reddit as an alternative of facebook for discussion where users can discuss on the plenty of topics which is divided in between Sub-Reddits.

At Reddit, you are free to share your direct links and content to get more discussion over your topic. Reddit was founded on June 23, 2005, an American social networking or discussion website, used by millions of users per day.


#Alternatives To Facebook


Founded: Myspace was founded on August 1, 2003, by

  • Chris DeWolfe,
  • Tom Anderson
  • Jon Hart

Myspace is also one of the popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter which let you build a social connection, a personal page, can share your content, create groups, and can do lot more. With the millions of daily users, as business or artist, you can get more attention and can keep in touch with those who likes you.

my space


Sharing your blogs, posts, photos, videos and creating a powerful fans engagement is easy with Multiply social networking service which started in 2003.

What you can do at Multiply

  • At Multiply, you can post your contents and can give them a better look as you want.
  • As a member of Multiply, you are free to add unlimited photos so you can easily create an online portfolio.
  • Multiply, users are also free to unload or directly share the videos from the sites like youtube, myspace or others.


Stumbleupon.com is a place where you can stumble your favorite links to create a portfolio of all the articles, videos, news, or something else. It is a social bookmarking site to bookmark links which started by Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boyd in 2002. At StumbleUpon, you can choose from the plenty of categories to find your desired result.



A video-based social networking site owned by the Search Engine giant Google. Youtube is the word no1 video search engine to find any video on any topic.

The idea behind the Youtube’s is Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim all were they Paypal employee who got an idea to start a site where users can publish videos in few simples steps for free. And in 2005 they launched their idea with the Name Youtube which is today’s top video search engine.

What you can do with youtube

  • At youtube as a creative person, you can publish your creations.
  • If you are an artist, or person with some skill so can share your skills in the form of videos by making a youtube channel.
  • Youtube is not just about publishing and watching videos. Today peoples are making the really good amount of money and can get fame as a YouTuber.


Tumblr is microblogging platform as well as the social networking site to start a blog, a personal page or business page etc. After its launch on February 19, 2007,  by David Karp very soon it gets much popularity and liked by the users but in 2013 Yahoo acquired Tumblr.



Sharing your photos and videos to get an online identity is so simple with Flickr which is a media sharing social networking platform owned by the Yahoo in 2005.  Flickr was officially launched by Ludicorp in 2004. Flickr is best for photographers or creatives to share their work on the internet get worldwide acceptance.


As a creative person, you can use Behance to create an online showcase of your work to great a public acceptance or as a user you can discover really good creatives stuffs and ideas. The ideas behind the Behance is to provide a platform to the designers.

Creatives to publish their work on the internet in just a few minutes without spending any money for free. Every day millions of visitors come across the Behance to find something new so an artist you can easy get noticed.



Tinder is social networking dating app where you can find a date near you. Tinder was launched in September 2012 by a group of members Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Justin Mateen, Ramón Denia, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, Chris Gylczynski, and Whitney Wolfe.



A 12 years old Social Networking sites Bebo which got much popularity in some following years.  Bebo social messaging app for the Android and IOS was founded by Michael Birch and Xochi Birch who are husband & wife, in the year 2005 to provide a platform to a user to get people connect with others.



livetalkie.com is a social network where you can easily sign up and can talk to anyone from worldwide. At livetalkie.com can create an online community of your friends and share your work with them and ask what they think about it. Livetalkie.com also help you to connect with the world to find what interesting is going there.


  • Can create your personal profile
  • You can also share videos, links, contents etc
  • Can Find and talk with new friends