Crunchbase Alternatives

What is CrunchBase


We can define CrunchBase as search engines to find companies, industries, startups, industry trends, current business related news etc.  Crunchbase is founded by Michael Arrington, who is a serial entrepreneur and also the founder of leading technology blog named “TechCrunch” which covers all the topics related to technology & startups.

According to the stats of the website, in a week they captured 750 fundings, 66k entries updated to their site and around 6.5 k new profile created by users at CrunchBase. The stats are stunning which shows, how good it is to collect the business or industry news & lot more with CrunchBase.

Some Of The Features Of CrunchBase

Can Discover Peoples: In the people’s sections there are around more than 100,000+ of results of businessman, entrepreneurs, industry experts and newly startups.

Top 10 Peoples According To The Crunchbase rank

  • Mark Zuckerberg
  • Peter Thiel
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Elon Musk
  • Travis Kalanick
  • Steve Jobs
  • Barack Obama
  • Ashton Kutcher
  • Bill Gates
  • Marc Benioff

Discover Companies: Crunchbase is the best place of find all the companies, industries and startups across the web. At Crunchbase more than 100,000 companies are listed with their location and founder details.

Top 10 Companies According To The CrunchBase Rank

  • Facebook
  • Flipkart
  • Tesla
  • Apple
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Baidu
  • Alibaba
  • Netflix
  • Xiaomi

Also, can List Your Company Or startup: Crunchbase also gives you the option to their users to list their companies for free. It is simple, all you just need to register to CrunchBase and there will be an option of “contribute” where you will be able to list your company profile.



Sumit Your Startup:

A perfect place for you to get listed your startup for free. Angellist was founded by Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi in 2010. It is also a good platform for those youngsters who want their own startups, here they can get opportunities to work with the new startups to gain experience & knowledge which undoubtedly help them to boost their own entrepreneurial life in future years.

How To list Your Brand With AngelList

  • Just register to AngelList and complete your profile. Here you can also add your brand website in the profile section or can sign up with the brand name.
  • After finishing your profile. Go to the settings where you will find an option to “create a company profile” just fill all the details, you are done.

Product Hunt

Product hunting

Sumit Your Startup:

Product hunt is a perfect web place for those geeks who love to encounter new products, software, apps etc. At Product Hunt, you can discover new products daily and it also gives you an opportunity to list your startup too.

As a company or brand, you have to submit your product or service at Product Hunt in order to get listed. They will review your submission and if it matched their guidelines they will approve it.

But in case you unable to get approval for your submission. So then can use Product Hunt user profile to promote your brand. You just have to sign up and add your brand website in the profile.



Sumit Your Startup:

“Reddit startup subreddits” is also a better option for submitting new startups. Reddit is the most powerful platform, not to just get a link rather you can also generate a good amount of traffic from Reddit.

To submit to Reddit startup subreddits, just get registered and submit a post in it. But be careful and do not be lazy or try to do spam because your account can be banned in case of suspicious activity.



Sumit Your Startup:

Quora is one of the leading questioning & answering platforms by Adam D’Angelo, Charlie Cheever to get discussed over any topic. At quora peoples came to ask their question, it can be at any topic like technology, fun, entertainment or anything else.

How Quora is useful for you brand

Just create a user account with quora and complete your profile, there you can add your brand or startup website URL to get noticed by the other Quora members. I will suggest to be active on quora, try to answer or ask the question related to your brand.


Sumit Your Startup:

Clarity is for those who lives around San Francisco or rural Canada to get expert advice from the experts. Clarity works as the mediator between the experts and the people who need expert advice. At Clarity, the experts from the different field provide their advice to those who need.

Clarity was founded by the Canadian entrepreneur Dan Martell in 2012 which was purchased by the “Fundable” in 2015.

You can use Clarity user profile to create a brand listing for you. You have two option make your personal profile and add your brand website. Or you can create a Clarity account with your brand name. As I did, can check here



Sumit Your Startup:

BetaList is a really a great place for the listing of your startup. But you are not going to get instant approval for your listing. First you have to submit a request for your submission at BetaLis. Which will be published after admin approval.

Types of listing with BetaList

  • BetaList provides the both the option, can choose any of the listing free or paid.
  • Free listing: with free listing you will get a normal page with images, logo, links etc.
  • Paid Listing: fast approval and contain many features which will also help to drive traffic toward your site from BetaList.

Use Popular Social Media


Today social media is must, you can avoid it, if you really want to grow your brand. So make a brand page at all the most popular social network like Google+, facebook, twitter etc. You are not aware where you should make you brand page so just visit to get all Facebook Alternatives.

Startup Ranking

startup ranking

Sumit Your Startup:

With Startup Ranking create your listing for free but it will take a long time “around 60 days” to be approved for the free users. But you have not any budget issue so can try the premium submission where you submission will be at Startup Ranking under 24 hours. The cost of premium submission is $99.

Sumit Your Startup:

Index allow you to publish your listing in just few minutes, without any premium charges or any need of approval. Just sign-up and create the listing. Be genuine and submit all the details properly because in case of suspicion they can delete your account. Here you can watch how your listing will be look like at


Sumit Your Startup:

It is will just take few minutes to get listed with, it looks like as normal bookmarking sites and it also works like that. You have to submit your brand’s website link after completing the registration.

Firespotting can also help to drive referral traffic. How ? After the submission at Firespotting user votes. And the good quantity of votes can help your listing to stuck at the home page for some weeks, which will defiantly refer some traffic toward your site.



Sumit Your Startup:

LaunchSky is for those who have software & apps related startup. LaunchSky is a hub of software and apps where users come to discover new apps so it can help to figure out your brand by your potentials users. But the only problem is, it is not free so you have to pay a fixed amount for the listing.

Sumit Your Startup:

Geekwire is the technology related site to encounter the all the tech related news or information. So how it will be useful for you?

Geekwire allows the users to share the information about their startups. It is totally free, and the listing will also contain all the basic information about your blog, for example, social media links, no employees etc.

Sumit Your Startup:

Stompstart is the really amazing web place for startups, especially for those startups who are working with really new & unique idea. Submission at stompstart is easy but you have to pass through the admin approval in order to get your listing at

How It Can Benefit For you

  • As i mentioned that can proved very helpful for those who have really something awesome idea. To find how it can benefit you, just take a look how it work
  • Once the user completes the listing, it reached to the administrator to get approval.
  • If your submission follows all the quality guidelines, you will see the listing at the site within 48 hours.
  • Now the thing is, here they offer a feature listing for free to those who are working with something interesting. It promotes your brand for free at their different platform.

Video Sharing site

there are some of the best video sharing websites like youtube where you can create a brand page which will boost your brand appearance at Google and it will also improve the quality signals of yours brand.


Sumit Your Startup: is also a better place where you should submit your startup. The tagline of the website explains the all about it

“Where startups give exclusive deals to early adopters for simply signing up first”

So it is a place where users visit to get exclusive offers from the startups.