4 Ways to Save Money While Paying Monthly Bills

4 Ways to Save Money While Paying Monthly Bills

If paying bills has become stressful and you feel like all their doing is getting higher and higher, then you’re probably looking for ways you can save on your monthly expenses. Like many people these days, the costs of living are only getting higher, and it feels like the only option is to get rid of unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately, there are some we need to keep around.

Here’s our guide on how to save money on the essentials.

1. Save on your cell phone plan

Cell phones are a necessary evil. They’ve become a huge part of our lives and enabled a high level of connectivity whilst being mobile. Unfortunately, they contribute the most cost to our monthly bills. Most carriers will offer unlimited calls and texts, however, the main factor driving cost these days is data. A plan with a decent amount of data will see you paying a high price, so the easiest way for you to save is to choose a data plan that fits your usage. Start off with a lower cost plan with a small cap. If you can’t work within that cap, then upgrade. Carriers will let you upgrade data, but downgrading plans can cost a pretty penny.

2. Bundle internet with other services to save

No matter what you do in your day to day life, the internet has become central to everything. From working from home to watching television, there’s almost no part of life that doesn’t involve the internet. It’s an essential part of our life. But you don’t have to spend big to get good service. By doing your due diligence before signing to a plan, you can find the best promotion for you, including plans that combine several services. For example, A current promotion has verizon fios triple play going for $79.99/MO. This can go a long way in bringing down your monthly expenditure.

3. Cut down on your electricity usage to save

We can’t get away from using electricity. However, we can change the way we use electricity. Did you know that the biggest reason for the high bills is due to heating and cooling? Depending on the climate you live in, you absolutely need to keep yourself warm or cool. However, if you get into a couple of good habits, you can keep your electricity or gas costs at their minimum. For instance, by using a thermostat and making sure it’s bumped up in summer and down in winter, you can ensure that you’re moderating your temperature and the costs associated with it. You can also unplug your devices when they’re not in use, and turn off lights when you’re not in the room.

4. Restrict your water flow to bring down the bill

If you’re renting, then your water costs are probably included in your monthly lease. However, for those of us who own our homes, the water bill can often come as a rude shock. Water isn’t cheap, and the bill can really add up. The best way to keep your water costs down is to install water restrictions in your shower heads, which will reduce the amount of water that can flow. You can also install low-flow toilets, or make sure you only use the half flush mode.

Paying bills each month is often depressing and it sometimes feels like there’s no end in sight. However, by enacting a few small changes to your daily routine, you can help yourself to keep the costs to a minimum. Not only will you be helping your wallet, but you’ll also be helping the environment!


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