3 Favorite Tools of SEO Experts

3 Favorite Tools of SEO Experts

Due to the increasing amount of websites being launched everyday and the decreasing patience of people in general, many business owners are finding it difficult to generate much traffic from web searches, since people automatically look through the first page then get bored and change their search keywords. Have you ever heard of the joke that says that the best place to hide a body is the second page of search results? Well…this review is supposed to help you pick a Search Engine Optimization tool to make sure your website doesn’t end up beside that dead body.

It is not a hard task to get your website onto the first page of search results, but it takes a long time and it needs to be thorough as it requires customizing your entire website to attract the search algorithm, as well as the people doing the search. For most, if not all, search engines, results are based on relevance. Nevertheless, after research we have come to the realization that there is a much more efficient way to get more traffic than to arbitrarily edit your web content and hope for the best.

The tools mentioned here provide enough reason for them to be listed as our local SEO experts’ best choice. As you can see they are almost equally powerful, flexible and efficient which are considered the holy trinity of SEO tool traits.


This is more a toolbox rather than a tool. Its essential function is helping you explore the field and then apply changes to your website accordingly. SEMrush gives you access to countless reports within its database so you can understand your competition, their strategies and the keywords they use in order to get an idea of what changes you should be making.

Not only that, SEMrush also offers a wide array of tools with various functions such as; Keyword research, Content marketing, PPC (pay-per-click advertising) and so much more. You get all these tools when you subscribe, in addition to full access to all analytic reports.

What makes this tool one of our favorite tools is that it has quite a simple layout that allows you to navigate between tools in a fairly easy way and customize your menu to keep the tools you use most within easier reach.

Although the way you use the data is what determines whether or not you will get successful results, SEMrush does its best to provide as much data as it can. Not to mention that it also offers guides to help you get started on your way.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

What this is, is basically a website crawler. Its job is to go through websites’ URLs and acquire available data. The SEO Spider is capable of going through websites regardless of their size and collecting key information while transferring results to you in real-time.

The tool is considered highly powerful and efficient. It is also highly versatile due to the large number of functions it performs; it helps you identify broken links and weak spots in a website so you can fix them or send them to your web developer. It also gives you total control over your website by allowing you to analyze your page titles, item descriptions and other key pieces of metadata so you can easily edit, add or remove anything that might be missing, duplicated or not detailed enough.

Moreover, it provides detailed reports on redirection maps, URLs that get blocked by the robots.txt protocol or that are not secure.

Overall, it is an all-round tool that not only allows you to discover your own website’s flaws and weak links and improve them, but it also crawls through other websites and help you gather data about your competition.


A tool would be an understatement for this one since it is a website that connects you to their team of professionals with extensive knowledge in the field of search engine optimization.

One of their strong points that sets them apart from other tools and websites is that they focus on map rankings which are often neglected by most SEO agencies because achieving a high map ranking is quite a hard task because unlike before, it does not only depend on the number of people recommending your business.

Furthermore, they personalize their SEO strategies based on your type of business and provide a forensic SEO auditing service followed by them dealing with the weak points found during the analysis.